It is said that nothing helps us until we do not take the initiative on our side, our commitment and determination open the doors of the imagination of success, allow a clear vision of the path and set us on the right track dream. The above saying is in line with the dedication and dedication of all Esseti NZ Ltd employees, the home of Xcel-Arc. Founded around 1994 and owned by a Kiwi welder in New Zealand, it has reached new heights of success and has successfully maintained its position in the market. in recent years. The company believes in seizing every opportunity that presents itself on its path to success.

XcelArc, the flagship brand of Esseti NZ Limited, specializes in attachment instrumentality and accessories, as well as welding helmets, gloves, jackets and every one alternative consumables. To supply customers with the very best quality merchandise and services, and a lot of options and innovations compared to similar contender products are the company’ main goals for the New Zealand welding business because of their commitment to development and utilizing the most recent technologies and services to the satisfaction of their customers.

Having many groups, service providers and countries with a focus on performance, the company has received many awards and honors in recent years. This year, the company won the 2021 Supreme Supplier of the Year award with several other awards and was counted as a finalist in the annual TradeZone award in several other categories. They were named Supreme Supplier of the Year 2019 at the annual Trade Zone Awards and most of the supplier awards at the ceremony and was counted as a finalist in few other awards. This is not the first time the company has gained recognition as it has maintained its position in the market through almost all of the same shopping center awards in 2018. Esseti NZ has presented several awards under its name every year since 2015, the year that earned the company its fame as Supplier of the Year for Best Sales Representation and then Top Supplier of the Year. Going further, XcelArc was named Logistics and Operations Supplier of the Year in 2016, followed by Marketing and Advertising Supplier of the Year, Logistics and Operations Supplier of the Year and again Top Supplier of the Year. in 2017.

XcelArc is presently one of the main producers of welding merchandise in New Zealand. With fast delivery, reasonable and friendly customer support, and a highly qualified agent, the company is leading in many respects over many other similar companies on the market.

The enterprise has created an effective reputation withinside the New Zealand welding enterprise primarily based totally on excellence, honesty, and remarkable old skool strong paintings with a can-do technique with their brand Xcel-Arc.

Their aim is to offer top-first-class merchandise, provide extra traits and version whilst against associated merchandise that our combatants supply.

Their willpower to product improvement, the usage of the brand new era and service, suggests that they currently provide the New Zealand enterprise with a huge form of MIG, TIG and Plasma Cutters.

As properly as a huge form of welding consumables to deal with our array of equipment. Their product range lets us offer all welding phrases from residence servants to heavy business applications.

All the machines they marketplace are made to conform with the Australian & New Zealand rules. Thus giving the employee agree with and guarantee of security, honesty, responsibility spherical performance, and feature.