Sam Reklaw

According to 32 year old Sam Reklaw, a homeless movie buff turned actor and producer, the key to success is taking risks. And he would know! After finding himself on the streets at the age of 15, Sam decided to turn his anger and desperation into drive and determination.

Success didn’t come easy for Sam, though, and he maintains that the most important ingredient for reaching his ultimate goal has always been hard work. What is this ultimate goal? Freedom. The freedom to be his own boss and spend his time just how he chooses. Hard work and risk-taking sound like an interesting combination, and it is. Sam has experienced dead-end jobs, the army, owning various businesses, bankruptcy, and even prison. But without risk, there can be no reward.

Today, Sam runs a number of businesses and is involved in various industries. From motorsports to offering motivational courses, from real estate to film, Sam has his fingers in as many pies as he can get them into, and he loves all of them. As he says, “it’s easy to be motivated if you love what you’re doing.” Reklaw makes money from his hobbies and that’s what keeps him going.

Sam has a number of philosophies and beliefs that he lives by, and each one of them has played an essential role in getting him to where he is now; a successful businessman, doing what he loves, and with the freedom he always desired:

  • No matter how sordid your past is, it should never prevent you from reaching your full potential.
  • You don’t need qualifications to be successful, you only need to be able to bring the right people together.
  • You have nobody to rely on but yourself. Your dreams are your own, and only you can make them a reality by taking action.
  • Make a conscious decision every day to be better than you were yesterday.
  • Continuously convince yourself that no matter how good the previous day was, today is a new day and you are broke, you have to do everything in your power to win.

All of these have lead Sam towards getting involved in his greatest passion. Cinema is the latest addition to his plethora of money-making hobbies, and he’s only just getting started. After co-producing a Turkish film he tried acting for the first time, and despite a number of difficulties, he is up for more. He will soon be working on a drama production in India, with a European film company, after which he wants to produce his own Turkish film in the dark comedy genre.

He has an idea for a documentary which he also wants to shoot in Turkey, and when asked why he has become so involved in Turkish film he answered, “Turkish movies and TV series are rising in value in the world. For me, Turkey is the hub of cinema now, not Hollywood.”

So take risks, rely on yourself, be the best that you can be every day, and work hard doing what you love. Then you, too, could be free to live the life you choose.