Popular YouTube star Barvina has made it her mission to educate people on the effects of climate change. She speaks about why this issue is so important and what you can do to help the earth recover and thrive.

Margaryta Voytenkova - Barvina

Hi Barvina, thank you for being here. For those who don’t know you, what kind of content do you produce?

Hello, my name is Barvina. I am a YouTuber and social media influencer. I have gained a following on my Instagram and social media channels due to the engaging content that I produce for my followers. I love creating funny videos such as skits, reactions, vlogs and more to keep people entertained. I have over 10 million followers across my social channels and hope to continue expanding to inspire more people around the world.

Your current mission is to raise awareness about climate change. Why have you decided to do this?

Climate change is an issue that I am very passionate about. I want to raise awareness about it because it as an issue that affects every single one of us and an issue that is also created by every single one of us. We all have a role to play in reducing the negative impact that we have on the earth and I think it is important to educate people so that they know how to do this. It is up to all of us to keep our planet and its beautiful flora and fauna alive and thriving.

Can you tell us about your recent editorial? What is special about it?

My recent editorial is a way for me to creatively express the dangers of climate change and educate my followers on its effects. I had the idea to do as some of the fauna that are affected by the excess consumption that we humans engage in. For example, in one of the images I have an octopus surrounded by pollution that humans leave in the ocean. These images helped me send a powerful message to my social media followers about the impacts that climate change and excessive waste can have on nature.

Finally, what is your advice to people wanting to help combat the effects of climate change?

Combating climate change starts with us so it is important to be having conversations about what we can do to help our earth. Helping people understand how to develop more sustainable habits and consume less is the first step to addressing this issue. The more aware you are of how what you do negatively affects the earth, the more you can begin to develop more sustainable and environmentally friendly ways of living.

Margaryta Voytenkova - Barvina

Thank you Barvina!

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