Marcus Wellhöner
Marcus Wellhöner

With over 25 years of experience working in the field of real estate, Marcus Wellhöner, CEO of The Wellhöner Group, a branch encapsulating four companies including Wellhöner Immobilien, Wellhöner Consulting and Wellhöner Facility Services, is well aware of its constantly shifting nature. While many of the recent shifts that have occurred over the past few decades are positive, his concerns are that some real estate agents are losing their humanity and instead treating their clients as just another number to profit off. The Wellhöner Group are determined to be different. They have a mission of delivering expert and qualified services in conjunction with compassionate and honest customer service in which they treat everyone that they work with with the utmost respect.

Marcus Wellhöner has had a passion for real estate from a young age. Since high school, he knew that it was the career for him. Not only would he be good at it, but he would love every second of delivering high-quality and extremely satisfactory services to his clients. He gained experience in a variety of management positions after undergoing training and apprenticeships that would qualify him to become a real estate agent. This training, in combination with his spontaneity and interpersonal skills, helped him to emerge as a promising individual in his field.

In 2017, Wellhöner became the CEO of his very own branch The Wellhöner Group. The Wellhöner Group became the branch that acted as the umbrella for four business areas which are run as independent limited partnerships. Wellhöner Immobilien offers property management and brokerage services, Wellhöner Consulting offers real estate consulting and interim management services and Wellhöner Facility Services offers house and garden maintenance as well as house cleaning. This well-rounded and all-encompassing approach to real estate is what makes the company so unique and so respected in their community. They have a client-first attitude and strive to ensure that any and all problems related to housing can be solved by their company.

Marcus Wellhöner and his team base their company on the key values of reliability, transparency, integrity and competence and this translates to their exemplary way of delivering customer service. It is these key values that also influence their motivation to help their community as much as possible. Through supporting a range of different charities, the company aims to make the area in which they operate one that is a joy to live in for everyone. The charities they support range from animal welfare associations to poverty and homelessness support to climate action organisations to child welfare initiatives. Through supporting everyone in their area, they create a community of people whose quality of life is to the highest possible standard.

The real estate industry continues to develop, especially thanks to the constant introduction of new and exciting technologies. Marcus Wellhöner and his team aim to take advantage of this variety of benefits while also maintaining the sense of humanity that underpins their business and their community. Their commitment to providing expert advice and management while also providing honest and understanding communication sets them apart from other in the industry and is an inspiring example of the positive ways in which the industry can move forward in the future.