Jestin Strong

The streaming industry has taken over the world as the premium entertainment destination. As the internet becomes more and more intertwined with our everyday existences, our entertainment has become equally weighted in. The streaming world has become more and more nuanced and focused with niche genres and tough competitors. Japongi is one of those ‘out-of-nowhere’ streaming platforms, quickly taking over the marketplace and bringing the infinitely popular Anime genre to the masses in a clear and convenient manner.


Japongi is an innovative streaming platform that is primarily built by Anime fans, for Anime fans. Catering to both newcomers and veterans to the genre, the true separation of this remarkable platform resides in the variety of titles on offer and the ease and stable pricing of the service, attributes that are rarer than you may think.

At the helm of Japongi is 18-year-old entrepreneur and creator, Jestin Strong and his business partner and high school comrade Marcus Paige Jr. The notion of Japongi came to them as freshmen in high school, where an innocuous conversation surrounding their favourite anime’s and the difficulty in finding a stable place to watch them seemed to spark a note in the young men.

In that moment, in Jestin Strong’s mind, Japongi was born.

Like all quality ventures, it started off small, the two young men threw themselves into the passion project while maintaining their grades simultaneously. Both being stellar students, this was no easy feat to overcome. Jestin Strong was already a star student, maintaining a high GPA as well as tackling honors and AP courses throughout his education journey – the notion of developing an all-encompassing streaming platform while maintaining this was a tall order, Jestin Strong was up to the challenge.

As the project progressively picked up steam throughout the subsequent years, both Jestin Young and Marcus had a choice to make if they were to fully commit to making Japongi a reality – they had to finish high school as soon as possible.

There’s a lot to be said about those who put their money where their mouths are, both Jestin Strong and Marcus Paige Jr. stuck their heads down and worked tirelessly to complete high school as soon as possible, much to the surprise of their teachers and parents who were expecting the bright young men to be on the fast-track to college.

Japongi was now their sole focus and Jestin Strong was the first one out of the gate, graduating high school two years early and leaving his spot as number one in his cohort to pursue his passion. Marcus Paige Jr was not far behind, graduating at the age of 17 a full year early and joined his business partner in further developing Japongi.

Both gentlemen, now 18 and officially incorporated as a streaming company have both feet firmly on the ground and their ambitions aimed squarely at the American market.

One thing is certain, Japongi is making waves in all the right ways.