Between April and May 2018, a pool of research scholars went on a twenty-three-day expedition to study different habitats in the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, the uncharted waters of the Gulf of Mexico greet the scientists with a delightful surprise.

The researchers, during their expedition, came across a coral garden. It is present at a depth of about seven thousand and five hundred meters below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. The entire scientist’s community attributes it as a live ‘secret’ garden of corals. It was hidden for ages. Until now, no human has been able to discover the allure of the coral garden.

A research scientist on the expedition says, “This is a truly magnificent garden of coral fans, I don’t think we’ve seen these densities yet in the Gulf of Mexico.”

The Remote-operated Submersible vehicle (ROV) accomplished tracing the location of the coral garden. Equipped with different instruments, the scientists captured the allure of the dazzling corals.

It is being estimated that the corals exist since hundreds of years ago.

The significance of the Coral Garden Discovery:

The mesmerizing beauty of corals sparkles when supplemented with the right geological conditions. If this holds true, then the rocks on which the corals settle on must be robust enough to sustain favorable conditions for the coral growth and nourishment.

In addition to the blocks, it is necessary for the corals to adjust as per the current flow. It is this perfect alignment that aids the corals to satiate their appetite. The scientists on the expedition have publicized the videos and images of their discovery. The videos and the image content infer that the corals were facing the direction of the current flow which facilitates them with abundant feeding material. Also, the corals found it easy to drive away the other organisms from its path.

The mission was structured by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It was NOAA’s final expedition to explore the ground table of the Gulf of Mexico for the current year.

In addition to the coral garden, the scientists discovered the Brine pool, Deep-sea squid, mud volcano mounds, and extensive debris from the ships.