It is expected that a space rock will have a near encounter with the Earth today. The name of this space rock is ‘Asteroid 2010 WC9’. The distance between the Earth and the space rock ‘Asteroid 2010 WC9’ will be at approximately half that of the lunar distance.

The space rock ‘Asteroid 2010 WC9’ measures about sixty to one hundred and thirty meters. It has got the speed of more than twenty-eight thousand miles per hour. This specification of the Space rock‘Asteroid 2010 WC9’ comes forward following the official statement of the The reported about the space rock on last Saturday.

It is being said that the space rock has completed its orbit and now comes back to the Earth. Its return to the Earth is after eight long years. The historic moment will mark its presence today by 11:05 pm. The space rock ‘Asteroid 2010 WC9’ will be at 0.53 lunar distance from the Earth. 0.53 lunar distance is equal to approximately one lakh twenty-six thousand four hundred and nineteen miles.

It comes right from the desk of the NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory that the Earth and the space rock ‘Asteroid 2010 WC9’ will be at the closest distance ever recorded in the past three hundred years.

The observatories of the Northold Branch in London will telecast the event live to the millions of the people across the globe.

“We plan to broadcast this asteroid to our Facebook page if the weather forecast remains positive. The broadcast will last less than 25 minutes since the asteroid will cross our field of view during this period. The asteroid will move pretty fast (30 seconds of arc per minute). Our display will be updated every five seconds. We, of course, collect astrometric data while this happens, but the movement of the asteroid will occur every five seconds,” Guy Wells said in a press release. Guy Wells hails from the observatories of the Northold Branch in London.

Let us all mark our presence before our screens and be a part of this mesmerizing event!