We all are on the cutting edge of a global plastic calamity. The United Nations Environmental Chief writes, “We urgently need consumers, business, and governments to cut consumption of single-use, throwaway plastics.” Thus one can say that the plastic pollution calls for the dire attention of the global population and that too with a good cause.

You can say, we have become plastic-savvy generation. It hardly happens that we do not encounter plastic in some or the other form.

There is absolutely no doubt to say that we are on the cutting edge of global plastic calamity. The projections being worked out currently indicates that there will be a gradual increase in the global plastic production in the upcoming ten to fifteen years. Estimates predict that the manufacturers will generate around three hundred and sixty million tonnes of the plastic this year itself. However, when you compare the plastic production with the growing market demands, it is expected that till the time we reach 2025, the plastic production might reach the five hundred million tonnes figure. When you look further towards the year 2030, the plastic production is thought to rise by about six hundred and nineteen million tonnes.

Deeply moved with these shocking figures, the United Nations Environment is concentrating on its ambitious goal named ‘Beat Plastic Pollution.’

The foremost need of the hour is that the global citizens must play the dual role of responsible customers as well as the informed citizens. It is we all who must step in this initiative to play our part. We should strictly adhere on demanding the sustainable products into our lives. It is only then that we can unite to eradicate the plastic pollution that prevails in the society.