Have you ever wondered what will happen if there is a sudden rise in the Earth’s temperature? Well! Let’s check that out. Scientist says that the carbon dioxide is the primary cause of the global warming. In the last month, the carbon dioxide emission level was detected. It was observed that the carbon dioxide level reach approximately to four hundred and ten parts per million.

The Scripp’s Institute of the Oceanography says that the carbon emission level detected was never experienced for the past eight lakh years. Just before the Industrial Revolution, the levels of the Carbon dioxide have peaked above the levels of millennia. However, it never exceeded the limit of three hundred parts per million. Since 1958, the duo Ralph Keeling, and his late father Charles David Keeling maintained the carbon dioxide measurements at the Mauna Loa Observatory.

In the month of April, the average concentration of the atmospheric carbon dioxide was 410.31 parts in one million. Since 1958, the carbon dioxide level increased by thirty percent. The Keeling curve came into existence in 1958.

Carbon dioxide is the representative of the Green House Gases. It traps solar radiation and restricts it into the atmosphere. The sole reason for the Green House gases is the burning of fuel. Also, carbon dioxide is abundant of all the Green House gases.

The levels of the harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide are catalyzing the climate change. Upon this, World Meteorological Organization says, “the planet is becoming more dangerous and inhospitable for future generations.”

The rise in the carbon dioxide levels and other gases is paving the way for the Green House Effect. Traced back to the 1880’s, the level of carbon dioxide was recorded about two hundred and eighty parts per million. It was the period before the Industrial Revolution. The release of the greenhouse gases is credited to the burning of large amounts of the oil, gas, and coal for the harnessing energy.

Physical characterization of the Carbon Dioxide Gas:

  • The gas is invisible, odorless and colorless.
  • It is responsible for causing sixty-three percent of the global warming attributed to the Green House Gases.