disability service

Care homes are special places that give disability accommodation and help to those who need special attention to carry out their lives. On principle, someone who has their lives relegated to this space may feel disenfranchised and less independent.


For these reasons those with care home jobs need to go above and beyond to allow their charges to maintain their dignity, even if some things need to be done for them. The methods used for improving dignity are often small measures that seem inconsequential but make a big difference for those receiving care through care home jobs.


There are 8 main factors that are important when it comes to promoting dignity in care home jobs:

These 8 factors are the primary ways in which people feel they have control over their life. Let’s take a detailed look at the best ways people with care home jobs can promote dignity in cared for people living in this environment.


Let them choose their own clothing

The clothing we choose to wear is one of the main ways we express our identities. It is quite demotivating to be forced to wear clothing that you don’t feel suits you.


Those with care home jobs should not simply pick out an outfit and dress their charges to save time. Even if they need assistance making a clothing decision, always involve them in the process at every possible stage.


Make sure to involve them in decisions regarding their care

When someone is receiving care it’s crucial to involve them in decisions relating to how they are cared for. Those with care home jobs should always involve their charges in decisions regarding how they are cared for, even if it seems more straight-forward to do it without them.


Being left out of these decisions will make cared for people feel like babies who need all their decisions made for them. It is important that they don’t feel dehumanised because someone is treating them like a broken appliance that can’t have its own say.


Serve quality, well presented food

Not many things are more disheartening than receiving a lousy meal that looks or taste bad. Those with care home jobs should make an effort to ensure that the food their charges receive is of a high quality and is presented well.


These people are not prisoners and should be involved in creating meal plans. They can suggest things for the menu that might be their favourite meals and this will make them feel more dignified in the long run.


Respect privacy

The relationship between someone with a care home job and a care resident is not the same as mother and child. Those with care home jobs should always be courteous and respectful when dealing with their charges.


Care recipients can already feel alienated in the environment they are placed and those with care home jobs need to be considerate of their personal space. If they feel like they could be barged in on at any moment they will not feel as dignified or in control of their life.


Promote social inclusion

Care residents can often feel shut off from the outside world and this can be pretty devastating if their have otherwise extroverted personalities. Boredom and loneliness are some of the worst consequences of those in bad care environments.


Those with care home jobs should always make sure that residents have opportunities to interact with each other through meals or other activities. They should also encourage residents to pick up their own hobbies and should be provides with the means to carry them out.