Being charged with an offence by the Victorian police is naturally a very scary experience at you would want to have one of Papa Hughes Lawyers, the best criminal lawyers in Melbourne on your side, representing your best interests. Using the legal expertise and experience of Papa Hughes Lawyers, they can help work with you to identify a path forward that gives you the greatest possible chance of either being found innocent or getting a less harsh penalty.

However, there are many different criminal lawyers in Melbourne and they each have their own working style, experience and focus areas. Finding the ideal candidate will take a little more work than simply knocking on the door of the most popular or most expensive practitioner.

Luckily, the following will go over some tips you can use to give yourself a good chance of finding the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne to represent you in court.


Ask for recommendations

When it comes to hiring any kind of consultant or expert to advise you, it pays to ask for the recommendations of people you already know and trust. This is because every single criminal lawyer in Melbourne is going to advertise themselves as having the ability to take on your case and give you an ideal result.

The best practitioners are those who are widely talked by via word of mouth as their past clients are sincerely grateful for what they were able to achieve for them. Keep your ears open to hear what people are saying and trust real stories and experience over marketing messages on a solicitors’ website.


Look at their websites

The next thing to do is browse the websites of the criminal lawyers in Melbourne so you can compare and contrast them. Take a look at them about section to learn more about their professional history, education, qualifications and personality traits.

They should show a passion for their craft and express their gratitude for getting to work with their past clients. If they have any unique pricing models, they should have this disclaimed on their home page.

Be cautious of any practitioners who promise you an ideal result as this is most likely too good to be true. A good criminal lawyer in Melbourne would not try to get your money by promising you a result they were unable to achieve.


Organise interviews with them

lawyer-client handshaking

The next thing to do once you have a shortlist of candidates is to organise interviews with them so that you can get more insight into the type of solicitor they are. They should be able to offer you the inverview for free as they will normally already offer a free initial consultation to new clients.

This is your chance to ask important questions as well as gauge their sincerety and enthusiasm. You don’t want to engage someone who you don’t feel you can trust or that sees you only as a cash cow and not as a person with real issues.

If you can’t get a face-to-face interview, then at least settle for something over-the-phone. As long as you can have a live conversation with them you can get a better sense of what it would be like to work alongside them.

Remember; your freedom and civic reputation are on the line, so you shouldn’t cheap out when it comes to your criminal lawyer in Melbourne.