Sydney criminal lawyers are imperative for both sides of the court.

From the prosecution who are striving to obtain a conviction and to seek justice, to defence council who want to maintain innocence or at least upholding the notion of reasonable doubt, much rests on the shoulders of the legal representation team.

Assigning these professionals can be tricky for individuals who have to fight their battle in court without being hamstrung by financial requirements or logistical considerations that forces them from work.

However, given the need to have representation before a legal matter is presented, it should be known that there are some city-based operators who might fall short of public expectations.

Unprofessional conduct can be identified in all professions, but the stakes are that little bit higher when someone’s livelihood is in their hands.

Here we will examine cases whereby a lawyer demonstrated themselves to be unprofessional, scenarios that could call for disbarment for that individual, or even a mistrial if the evidence is severe enough to warrant a dismissal of a case (other kinds of legal professionals, such as family lawyers Sydney, can also be guilty of misconduct).

Poor Communication

Sydney criminal lawyers have to ensure that they are consistently communicating with their client to have them up to speed on the status of the case. From missed calls and missed appointments to overseeing important details and failing to offer a presence and an urgency on the case, communication is paramount between a lawyer and a client. Whether this is for the prosecution or the defence, the two parties have to be working in sync to ensure that there is a definitive target and goal to achieve in the court.

Striking Deals or Making Pleas Without Consensus

Those Sydney criminal lawyers who decide to walk away from their client’s wishes and to strike a deal with the opposition without their consent are violating their role and responsibility. If signatures have been forged or there has been instances where consent has been falsely presented, then that professional is facing serious charges. Deals or pleas are usually offered by a prosecution towards a defence to eliminate the need for a lengthy and costly trial, and the charged individual has the legal right to either agree to the conditions of the plea or to fight it in court.

Facing a Personal Legal Fight

You cannot rely on Sydney criminal lawyers if they themselves happen to be the target of an investigation or involved in a personal legal battle that is taking away their attention from the client. This would outline in clear detail that they are barely equipped to manage their own affairs, yet alone manage someone else’s. View this scenario as a bright red flag that should be avoided and considered unprofessional.

Lacking Evidence To Support An Argument

There are different forms of evidence that Sydney criminal lawyers can utilise to help support their argument. From physical evidence that arrives in the form of DNA to documentary evidence on a passport or a written document to witness testimony, there are a variety of options at the disposal of your council to take advantage of.

Yet there are occasions whereby an unprofessional attorney will not conduct their research to be caught out by legal stipulations pertinent to the case or simply relying on anecdotal evidence that does not bare significant weight in the eyes of the court. A judge and jury have a duty to base their ultimate judgement on the weight and the quality of the evidence that is presented before them. Should your criminal lawyer fail to present that to the court, then they are failing their duty to their client.


Now you know what constitutes as unprofessional conduct by Sydney criminal lawyers, you can identify a representative that will uphold their duty to you. Steer clear of operators who fall short of their obligation because the threat is too real and the consequences could be dire.