Resilient Roof Replacement Program

After several storms that have decimated properties across Calgary in the past couple of years, the City of Calgary together with the leading roofing associations in Alberta have rolled out the Resilient Roofing Rebate Program

As per the City of Calgary website the Resilient Roofing Rebate Program is available to homeowners who are replacing their roof and are looking to upgrade to impact-resistant products to protect their homes from severe weather damage.

About the rebate program

The rebate program is a three-year phased program that started on June 1, 2021 and offers a $3,000 rebate for homeowners who experienced hail damage and have replaced, or plan to replace their roof with a certified Class 4 impact-resistant product.  The program is set to run until May 31, 2024, or until all funding is fully allocated, whichever occurs first.

In order to apply, eligible homeowners need to have their roof assessed by a licenced roofing contractor member of of the Alberta Allied Roofing Association (AARA) or Alberta Roofing Contractors Association (ARCA)

Impact resistant roofing

Impact-resistant shingles are designed to be more resistant to damage caused by hail. While each shingle manufacturer creates a product that is a little different, these shingles are typically made with polymer-modified asphalt. This is asphalt with a polymer added into it for increased performance. Many impact-resistant shingles are made with asphalt modified with styrene-butadiene-styrene or SBS. This is a synthetic rubber-based polymer than makes asphalt more flexible to better handle direct impact, even in the cold.

Class 4 is the highest level of impact resistance and indicates that under lab testing conditions, new shingles can withstand the impact from a 2-inch ball dropped from 20 feet without splitting or tearing.

Benefits of Impact Resistant Shingles

There are many benefits for homeowners looking to upgrade their roof to a class 4 product.  Class 4 impact resistant shingles offer many benefits, including:

  • Meet and exceed building codes: Some local building codes at the city or province level may require you to install Class 4 impact resistant shingles when you get a new roof. Typically, these are in areas where hail is a common occurrence, such as Calgary.
  • Get insurance discounts: Some insurance companies offer discounts on roofing materials that achieve a Class 4 impact resistance rating.
  • Achieve better durability: The most significant benefit of impact resistant shingles is that they will better withstand hailstorms. You can get peace of mind that in a hailstorm, your roof will be as safe as it can be.

Why partner with Roofing Associations

The City of Calgary decided to enroll this resilient roofing program member only roofing companies in order to ensure the highest standard of installation. This specially given the strict standards for the product and of course the correct application.

This information was provided by Calgary Elite Roofing a AARA approved roofing company and member.