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In the past, 247 Management has been known for exclusively working with major artists in the music industry. However, 247 Management have decided to expand their management and promotional services to everyone, doing away with their exclusivity tag.

One of the company’s premier artists and signings, Magomar, has spoken about his experiences with the brand. He spoke of the company’s ability to provide affordable services to all artists and the impact it has had on his music career.

Thankfully, Magnus Lervold, a member of the team at 247 Management, relayed some of Magomar’s story and answered a few questions we had about the business.

Hi Magnus. How has 247 Management helped Magomar and other artists’ careers?

According to Magomar, 247 Management have been outstanding. While working with them, “they’ve helped me garner over 10 million streams on Spotify alone”, and a few of my songs have even been added to more than 40 000 different Spotify playlists. There’s no doubt they have been instrumental in getting my name on the map.

How long has Magomar been in the industry?

We started working with Magomar recently; however, he’s been in the industry for over 7 years now. He has worked with many different management firms; however, none of them come close to 247 Management according to him. Magomar has been overwhelmingly positive in his feedback, saying that we are undoubtedly the most experienced management firm he has worked with thus far in his career.

What type of services does 247 Management provide?

One of the big things that we provide is what is known as Spotify Promo. Basically, we help you get your music heard by as many different Spotify listeners as possible. By leveraging our associations with playlist curators worldwide, 247 Management helps artists get tracks onto thousands of playlists, many of which get heaps of publicity through Spotify.

We offer three varied packages: Basic, Standard and Professional. If you’re starting, then the Basic package is probably the way to go. For $399, 247 Management will submit your music to more than 10 000 Spotify playlists, which should lead to close to 1 million streams and 10 000 monthly listeners. The next package (Standard) is priced at $1 500 and will see your music pitched to more than 25 000 Spotify playlists, culminating in approximately 2.2 million streams. Finally, the Professional package is $5 000 and will see your tracks placed on 75 000 Spotify playlists.

What are “pre-saves”?

Those not familiar with Spotify, “pre-save” campaigns are a great way to boost your streams. Pre-saves are used by a lot of the prominent artists on Spotify, including rapper Kendrick Lamar. A pre-save campaign allows your listeners and followers to do something with the music you have been promoting before it is released formally. In other words, they can save the song to their queue before it becomes available on Spotify. As a result, pre-saves are an excellent way for artists to incentivize their audience during the promotional period. With the support of our firm, our clients have been able to improve their album standings.

Where does social media fit in?

For us, social media has played a significant role in our promotional campaigns. We use social media as a way of boosting our clients’ visibility on Spotify. Using influencers, result-based ads and press releases via Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels, we have improved our clients’ presence on social media.

Why would you recommend 247 Management?

Obviously, I am biased, but I believe our company, 247 Management, are the best music promoters for many reasons. We provide free consultations to all artists – established and “up and coming”. We have an excellent knowledge of the industry and are among the most experienced promoters when it comes to leveraging Spotify for their clients. For any artists looking for promotional support, I would strongly recommend checking our website and working with them. We’ve helped musicians like Magomar, expanding his career opportunities so he can get more recognition!

Thank you Magnus for your time!
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