Lu Mun E
Lu Mun E

Lu Mun E is an artist and song writer who has developed a truly unique approach to music. What makes his sound special is the fact that he has a very broad range of influences. In other words, his sound is not just limited to tracing the steps of a single style of music. On the contrary, he is all about exploring a wide range of ideas to make his music as broadly creative as possible. The artist started his musical journey back in 2012.

This is when he had the opportunity to join a friend at his home studio. In those settings, he was able to work on one of his very first creations, Lu Mun E quickly discovered that being in a studio making music was something that he really wanted to do for the rest of his life. After that early experience, something really clicked with him, so he decided that he was going to learn how to become the greatest artist and continue to perfect his skills from that moment onwards.

Since then, he has actually released a wide array of amazing original songs, including lyrics in English and in Spanish alike, reflecting his diverse background. In 2021, he released one of his most iconic projects to date.

The album “Money Machine Music” was a mile stone for the artist. This project was a combination of old-school hip-hop, trap, as well as melodic R&B parts adding so many vibes to the tracks. This album served as an amazing introduction to Lu Mun E’s work for many people who got to discover his amazing potential as an artist and song writer. The release was also followed by a handful of amazing singles, including his most recent, “Bank.”

Lu Mun E has released many amazing projects throughout the years, however, there is something that all these releases have in common. He has grown so much as a artist, but ever since day one he mastered the concept that a great song also needs a great melody. This is the reason why his music is very filled with hooks and amazing creative parts that will immediately grab the attention of the audience.

Whether you get to listen to something from the artist’s early days or some of his most recent work, the final material is going to get stuck in your head regardless! “Bank,” is a perfect example of this, as the single actually serves as a alternative to a more traditional rap track with a section of the song that offers a more melodic vibe, bringing the gaps between two different creative worlds.

All in all, Lu Mun E’s work is most definitely going to be right up your alley if you do enjoy the sound of modern rap music with that extra melodic spice that adds more depth and interest to his sound. Lu Mun E is a full-on music making powerhouse, and when he is not busy making music in the studio, he is all about promoting his work and taking his song to a new audience, constantly expanding his outreach and allowing people to get to discover his material.

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