Julia Klochkova
Julia Klochkova

It takes years and years to make a name for yourself in the music, entertainment, and Creative industries. Some manage to get recognized and some are still trying hard to get accepted by the people. We have talked about many artists before, their struggles, their achievements in their musical journey, and today we will be talking about one such artist known as “Julia Klochkova”.

Julia Klochkova is among the list of our best 2022  artists, and since we discovered her, she is constantly growing and rising to a higher level. We discovered the singer with her debut EP “U come to me”, and we immediately fell in love. Let’s be honest, it is a rare thing in an area where many artists sound the same.

Her vocal performance, flawless, warms our hearts up get us addicted and all we want is to spend this whole amazing day of love with her voice.

Once again, the EP stands out from the crowd thanks to Julia Klochkova‘s creativity between alternative RnB and smooth, soulful vocal tone. The song is another gift, appealing and haunting, an anthem making people remember not only who SHE is, but helping others remember who they are/were to others who left them.

U come to me is now on repeat in our Spotify playlist and will make our weekend, and more.

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