Harvey Logan
Harvey Logan

Harvey “The Credit Houdini” Logan has made it his mission to encourage and motivate all people to do everything they can to repair their credit. He discusses the processes of his business and gives some insight into what he has planned for the future.

Hi Harvey, how did Harvey The Credit Houdini Logan LLC get started?

Well, I left car sales and began my career in credit repair. I the time I was known as “The Car Houdini” so I ended up switching the name over to The Credit Houdini since that’s what most local people knew me as. I feel giving it my name lets people know who I am and also lets people know I stand behind the services I offer.

What kind of people are best suited to using your credit restoration services?

Honestly anybody that feels their credit isn’t really where they want it to be. I normally always encourage people to do their best to try repairing their own credit but if they get to an inaccurate account their having issues with that’s when they should reach out to my company. My company currently services clients from Miami all the way to New York and Hollywood. We service all different races of people and genders, so this is for any and everyone needing help with inaccurate accounts.

Why do you think there is so much confusion about people’s right to dispute bad credit scores?

I feel that credit is truly a grey area that no one ever takes time to study or look into till most times it’s too late. We’ve all been taught the basic curriculum of what’s being taught in school but unless you’re taking classes or have received certain certifications for credit repair most people just don’t have a real reason to look into unless it becomes a need. That’s where educating people comes into play so that whether they choose to use our services or not they know their rights of disputing accounts.

What is your process for helping people dispute bad credit ratings and improve their score?

Well, we have what we call a series of rounds that normally require 30 days per dispute process. Most people may require at least 3-4 rounds where someone that has a lot of inaccuracies on their credit may require more. I also offer what’s called tradelines or credit boosters to help clients who may not have negative or inaccurate but only need a positive boost to their credit history.

On average, what kind of credit score improvements do your clients see in the weeks and months after engaging your services?

Before each client began using our services, I personally review each profile so the client understands their profile and what to expect. Most clients with a mix of inaccurate accounts and positive accounts most times see a major boost in credit scores in only a few weeks. Clients that have several inaccurate accounts with no positive accounts normally have to focus on rebuilding their credit scores after inaccurate accounts have been removed which may require a few months. We offer different plans for each type of client to ensure they have the best package for their situation.

Do you have any future plans to expand your services?

Yes, we do plan on expanding our office eventually to another city so that we can make sure we spread the word about credit education so that more people learn how important it is and understand how leveraging their credit can change their lives and the lives of their families.

Thank you Harvey for your time!
You can follow up with Harvey Logan at https://harveythecredithoudini.com and https://linktr.ee/harveythecredithoudinilogan