If you want to get a US visa, you will have to follow their strict guidelines. America has made its visa policy a little bit tougher. Under this, those who apply for US visa will now have to provide their old mobile numbers, email IDs and other information including social media history. The Trump administration has launched a campaign to make visa provisions difficult so that people who become a threat to the country can be prevented from coming here.

According to a document published on Friday on the Federal Register, every person desiring to come to the United States on a non-refugee visa must answer a list of questions. The Home Department estimates that with the new rules 7.1 lakh refugee visa applicants and 1.4 million non-refugee visa applicants will be affected.

It states that visa applicants must also provide information about all the mobile numbers used during the last five years, including the information of the various social media usernames and existing phone numbers. It has been said in the document that apart from these, people have to provide information about all the email IDs and foreign visits used during the last five years.