There has been a new application called ‘ChatWatch’ in the technology market, which will tell the user using the status features of the social media platform WhatsApp, how many times people who have used the WhatsApp and what time they sleep every day. The unique capabilities of this app are making it dangerous.

‘ChatWatch’ takes advantage of WhatsApp online or offline status features, which gives your friends information about your availability.

Technology website ‘Lifehacker‘ said on Thursday, “The app will use the status information to tell you how many times your friends have come online on WhatsApp. It will also monitor your friends’ sleep time.”

This app has surfaced in a time when people are removing Facebook from another phone due to the privacy breach of another social media platform.

WhatsApp is a company owned by Facebook. According to Lifehacker, “The makers of the app hope that with the help of this app, it will also notice how Facebook controls our information. In addition to how other companies use and analyze our information.”

According to this, “Hopefully, Whatsapp will soon block it. So if you want to spy on your friends and want to disclose the privacy-related issues of Facebook, then you should use it soon.”

The app was first brought to the iOS, but later it was taken from Apple Store.
‘ChatWatch’ is available on the Android’s Play Store and is being said that its creator is also trying to develop its web-based version.