The NASA’s Mars InSight is scheduled for launch tomorrow. It will be signing off from California’s Vandenberg airbase in the morning. The InSight launch is scheduled to unveil the mystery behind the rocky land formation.

The NASA’s InSight is scheduled to leave at 11:05 UTC. It is glorified to be the first Mars mission to peep inside the Martian surface.

What will the InSight study?

The insight is targeted to study the following facets of the red planet:

  • Planet’s interior surface by measuring the radiated heat.
  • Listening to the mars-quakes.

The InSight is launched with the target to discover hundred of such quakes. The study of the Mars-quakes will help the astronomers to study the evolution of similar planets like Earth. The InSight will send a hammer drill to penetrate beneath the Mars surface. It will explore the heat flow of the Mars from deep inside.

The Mars mission is officially known as the Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport. It is the successor of the NASA’s Phoenix Lander, which about a decade ago spent a successful week at the Mars.

The Lander weighs approx three hundred and fifty-eight kilograms. It has a robot arm measuring 2.4 meters. The scientists to position their instruments on the Mars surface will use the robot arm. Also, the Lander also carries solar panels capable of generating six hundred to seven hundred watts of the power.

If everything goes pretty well, we can expect the Lander to land on the Mars on November 26, 2018. It will mark its presence on the Mars surface until November 2020.
It will be the first ever NASA’s interplanetary mission from the west coast of the United States.