The Blood Moon will be lighting up the night sky in July. It will dazzle with a coat of deep red glow. While we are all waiting for this extraordinary celestial event, religious theorists claim the astronomical phenomenon to mark the end of our world. It is being said that the Blood Moon incident highlights towards unveiling the hidden messages of Christian Bible. These religious theorists believe that the Holy Bible contains hidden messages from Heaven about the end of our world.

We will be witnessing the celestial event of Blood Moon on the twenty-seventh day of July. The Blood Moon and the July’s total lunar eclipse will be intertwined. This day will mark the second total lunar eclipse as well as the Blood Moon of 2018.

The last time we experienced the Blood Moon phenomenon was on the thirty-first day of January 2018. This celestial event was known as the Super Blue Blood Moon phenomenon. It signifies the rarest of rare astronomical events.

A few of Christian conspiracy theorists are keenly observing the transitions in lunar appearance. These theorists are of the opinion that the Blood Moon prophecy is being accomplished as it was destined to happen. The apocalyptic prophecy was put forward by two Christian ministers namely Mark Blitz and John Hagee. These two ministers claimed about the presence of blood moon tetrad in the Holy Bible.

A tetrad represents number 4. According to these Christian ministers, the tetrad of the blood moon phenomenon marks the occurrence of the four consecutive lunar eclipse. The chain of the lunar eclipse phenomenon began in the year 2014.

The first of the Tetrad Blood Moon phenomenon marked its presence on the fifteenth day of April, 2014. It was followed by the Blood Moon phenomenon which scored their presence on October 8, 2014, April 04, 2015, and September 28, 2015.