When The Maze Runner: The Death Cure poster released last week, it inherited the film over 600,000 new conversations up to this date on different social media platforms. Currently, the movie has been dominating the latest movie buzz, and everyone is keen to know more details regarding The Death Cure. With is nearing release on January 26, here are the things to expect from The Maze Runner next installment.

Young hero Thomas will take the mission to find a cure for the deadly disease name as “Flare,” the plot of The Maze Runner: The Death Cure in one sentence.

A team of scientists, name as WCKD will try to find a cure. They will kidnap kids who are probably immune to the disease. These scientists will remove their memories and put them in deadly traps for finding the reasons for their immunity.

The kid group will be trapped inside the Glades outside the maze for a long time and will try to find a way. But, before that, they must pass the labyrinth said as “The Last City.”

The twist though is that there is no cure. Thomas screams “It will stop when we find a cure,” but “there is no cure!” The world of Maze Runner will come in the light of horrific disease known as the “Flare” which turns people into the zombie which eventually turn those affected individuals into cannibals.

Gally’s Return and Thomas Difficult Choice

In the first part of the Maze Runner film, Gally (Will Poulter) was the bully in the Glades. Unfortunately, he got himself killed by Minho. But in this new part of the film, he will return. Moreover, Thomas will find himself stuck in a dilemma. “Thomas will find it hard to make a decision.” Ava Paige( Patricia Clarkson) stated, “you may save your friends, or you may save us all.”

Furthermore, those who have read the book and pass through the contents stated on page no 250, which involves an introduction to a new significant character. What’s interesting is that the individual indicated on page 250 is presented in the trailer. Therefore, it is expected that the film will unravel its participation in the movie. Apparently, we still don’t know if the movie will follow the book. But, spoilers suggest the movie will recreate the pages from the book itself, so that is an absolute delight.


The second part of The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015) had a significant similarity with the book. While the cast has shown that there will be some spoilers around the book, it is believed that it is not advisable to read it. Hence, If you’ve read the book, there will be some parts you may carry over. What more to say is that we hope you all get ready for January 28 to watch this upcoming masterpiece.