Stranger Things, co-created by The Duffer Brothers, maybe Netflix most favorite series to date. The storyline starts with the disappearance of a little boy in a small town in Indiana. The central characters are the boy’s mother, a local cop, and three of the boys closest friends.

When someone suggested I watch this series, I approached it with a fair amount of skepticism. I have tried to watch both Games of Thrones and Twin Peaks but, just didn’t get into them. This was suggested to me by a die-hard Stephen King fan, a friend who knows me well, so maybe I should try it out.

The first episodes involve the disappearance of Will and Winona Ryder plays as his mother. The mystery quickly escalates when another girl goes missing, a covert research lab becomes engaged, and 11, a young lady with superhuman capabilities comes onto the scene, and all I can say to myself is, “this series is so good!”

The actors are perfect for each role. The storyline is both believable and fantastic. Adults get the thrill of ’80’s nostalgia in the form of clothing, sets, cars and the ever-present cigarette. Further, teens and teens get to see kids execute a masterful performance as nerds dealing with 11, ethics, and of course, the multiverse theory and a few monsters.

I quickly followed the series from episode one to the end of the second series. I have to tell you; I grieved when I ran out of episodes. Netflix does have a series titled Beyond Stranger Things that allow you to learn about the actual making of the series. If you do a web search on Stranger Things, the internet is inundated with clips of the actors being interviewed on many late night programs. There are also several parodies out there that are fun to watch.

Alas, Season 3 will probably not be released until 2019. Ross Duffer said it takes a long time to make each episode because the child stars are growing up in real life. Their physical attributes changes, meaning the story may have to hop into the future by a year or so to account for their maturing appearances.

The Duffer Brothers agree that there will be at least four seasons total, maybe 5. I will continue scouring the internet for clues as to a release date on Season 3. I am anxious to see if any spin-offs will come from this series, or maybe even a movie! I am sure I have plenty of company waiting for 11’s return!


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