Superheroes movie ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is released today. There is a lot of excitement in the audience waiting for this film for a long time. This excitement is expected to turn into a bigger earning. Film trade analyst Ramesh Bala believes that the film could earn around Rs 30 crore on the first day in India. He wrote on Twitter, “#AvengersInfinityWar [4.5/5]: A SPECTACULAR MOVIE! Every few minutes, screen explodes with mind-blowing action with one or more Avengers vs #Thanos and Team.. Ample scope for emotions and comedy! Visual Imagery is at a different level. Surprise Ending.. Overall a feast!”.

Not only Ramesh Bala, other experts in the film industry business are also sharing their views about the earnings of the film. Trade analyst Girish Johar said while talking to the Financial Express, “Avengers Infinity War can be India’s biggest opening in 2018”. The previous films from Avengers also played a big role in the world.

If you are also planning to watch this movie, then let us tell you that the price of IMAX tickets in Noida, adjacent to Delhi, is between Rs 500 and Rs 1000. In Mumbai and Bangalore, the price is between 700 and 800 rupees. All the weekend tickets have been sold. If you have not booked a ticket yet, wait for Monday. Perhaps after the weekend, you get a ticket somewhere.

Avengers: Infinity War – Full Movie Review by Ramesh Bala