Atlanta is a show full of mystery both on and off camera. The show created by Donald Glover had fans waiting with bated breath for the opening season. It then went on hiatus again after a smash hit of a first season, which won Donald Glover two Emmy awards. The acclaimed work gave Glover a groundbreaking win in best comedy director making him the first black director to win the accolade.

Donald Glover has had a tight schedule in between reception for season one and coming up with a second season, but it is finally here people. The second season of Atlanta will officially start airing from March 1, 2018, on FX even though earlier reports slated it for a February release.

Busy with other projects

As the creative force behind Atlanta, Donald Glover reckons he had too much on his plate to think up a second season until now. In his long retreat from the show, the creative genius was busy coming up with a Grammy-nominated album in “Awaken, My Love” as well as play a role in the upcoming blockbuster Han Solo movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Atlanta Robbin’ Season

The sophomore effort for this oddly captivating story has been named Atlanta Robbin’ Season. Paper Boi, Darius, Earn and Van returns to your screens with the usual antics far more improved for your viewing pleasure.

The audience matters in season 2

When asked about it by Adweek, Danny Glover, who plays Earn on the show, said that season two would also incorporate what the fans want. Glover said he intends to make the appearance as thought-provoking as possible. According to Glover, the whole second series is meant to shape up like a dance between the creator and the viewers.

Life for an upcoming musician in the Atlanta scene

The plot revolves around two cousins who want to make something out of themselves with only music to going for them. Glover plays the manager keen on developing his cousin’s career, and Brian Tyree Henry is cast as Alfred better known as Paper Boi. Lakeith Lee Stanfield also makes the list of leading actors with his performance as Darius, Paper Boi’s best friend.

While the final season of Game of Thrones is nowhere near airing, TV fans can wait for this exciting new release. Fans of the show have been waiting for a follow up to the gripping first season and its second season is right around the corner.