Many Dalit organizations have called for a strike in protest against the Indian Supreme Court’s decision on the SC-ST Act. Indian political parties and organizations have supported the country strike. Organizations are demanding that the Act to be revised as it was in Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Prevention Act, 1989. The biggest impact of the Dalit organizations’ protest is seen in Punjab, due to which all the educational institutions of the state, public transport has been halted today. Due to this, the exam of CBSE board canceled today in the state.

The effect of the strike in India is being seen in all over the country. Protesters have affected the Indian rail service the most. Not only this, protesters have become violent somewhere. Demolition of vehicles and arson incidents have surfaced. By three o’clock (IST), there were four deaths in the Madhya Pradesh state of India, whereas one in Uttar Pradesh is reported to have died.

Few of the Tweets by ANI Media on Strike in India (Bharat Bandh):