Do you know that now the ingredient of party drug named ecstasy could have beneficial effects in the Post-traumatic stress disorders? Yes! It is unbelievable but true!

Recent research concluded the beneficial effects of the ecstasy’s party ingredient in lowering the post-traumatic stress disorders.

What do you mean by Post-traumatic stress disorders?

Post-traumatic stress disorders are a mental condition developed in the people who are exposed to the traumatic events. It may be inclusive of the dreams, threats, or the thoughts related to the mental condition.

Until now, the curative measures of the posttraumatic stress disorders included the use of either drugs, psychotherapies or a blend of both of them. However, in a recent scientific survey, the innovative minds concluded that the MDMA ingredient of the drug named ecstasy could be useful in preventing the dreadful symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorders. The scientists further conveyed that the use of the MDMA ingredient must be combined with the talking therapies to combat the signs more swiftly.

Co-author of the MAPS Public Benefit Corporation, Dr, Allison Feduccia said, “It is thought that the MDMA is catalyzing the therapy, [rather than] just being effective on its own.” He further added that the study conducted concluded that the administration of the MDMA ingredient affected certain chemicals level in the brain. It also assisted the individuals to respond to the therapy more precisely.

The participants of the survey were subjected to the psychotherapy for eight hours before the MDMA administration. All the participants were randomly prescribed the MDMA in doses of 125mg, 75mg, and 30mg doses. The study concluded that the MDMA has to be targeted at particular levels for more substantial therapy improvements.

A psychopharmacology professor at the Oxford University, Philip Cowen said, “You would not say it is a step forward in a general sense yet, because you have to show that it is more widely applicable.”