Daddy Couture is an innovative fashion brand bringing inclusion to the fashion landscape. The new, queer-centric brand has been highly successful in developing an established and loyal following on Instagram. Suffice to say, it’s paying dividends.

Indeed, with an Instagram following of almost 14 000, Daddy Couture’s growth has been exponential, especially considering they only launched in May. Instagram marketing has been incredibly important to Daddy’s Couture success. How Daddy Couture differentiates itself from other key brands is simple – they focus on their primary target market of LGBTQ buyers, which is still a relatively small demographic. Instead of seeking to “market” their goods to an undefined and rather vague target segment, Daddy Couture is reinvigorating fashion by encouraging inclusivity.

Daddy Couture is on a mission to prove that anyone can be a “daddy.” It doesn’t matter how old you are, what gender you are or any other characteristics.  Daddy Couture’s comprehensive range of clothing, which includes tees, undies, hoodies, beanies, pullovers and more, is able to appeal to consumer preferences without compromising their unique style and signature wit.

The importance of inclusion

Many fashion labels seek to just appeal to a broad range of consumers in the hope of enhancing sales. However, this can have consequences for brand value and equity. What Daddy Couture has been doing really well is tapping into this concept of embracing all individuals, which has resonated strongly with the LGBTQ community. The LGBTQ community has often lacked a fashion icon or brand that embodies and echoes their conventions and behaviours. Simply, they’ve lacked a “fashion voice.”

Quite ingeniously, Daddy Couture doesn’t try to be a mainstream brand like Nike or Adidas, which are two brands that stimulate purchases by appealing to the customer’s desire to be more trendy, current and cool. Brands like Nike and Adidas often market their goods to high-performance athletes, while promoting unrealistic body images that can actually exclude people from fashion discourse and leave them feeling alienated. On the other hand, Daddy Couture is a brand about being yourself and celebrating your own identity.

Because of their devotion to social harmony and inclusion, Daddy Couture will be launching a new body positivity campaign. The brand knows that “sexy” can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and as a result, will feature a cast of diverse models that span races, age, gender identities, and sexualities.

Daddy Couture has also benefited from a number of partnerships with gay icons or influential members of the LGBTQ community, like Tiffany Pollard, an American actress and television personality.

Where have others gone wrong?

So what is Daddy Couture doing right that many others are doing wrong? Well, the online retailer has ingeniously created a strong brand persona that aligns perfectly with the characteristics of their buyers. Their clothing is loud and proud – much like the LGBTQ community. They don’t focus on marketing and manipulating the customer in anyway; it’s simply about fostering a direct affinity between the LGBTQ community and Daddy Couture.

Brand authenticity is really important in the modern age, particularly given the rise of the phenomena of “fake news.” Daddy Couture is bringing a greater sense of trust and transparency with its targeted customers. Take a look at the Global retailer Amazon, which has developed notorious reputation for having a cut-through internal culture that is incredibly cost conscious, which is the direct antithesis to its external culture of being devoted to the customer. Their warm and fuzzy exterior hides a cold and stressful interior.

Other fashion brands such as Hugo Boss, Gucci, Calvin Klein and others have continued to market their products as only suited to unrealistic body images and lifestyles that perpetually exclude certain individuals. As a result, high end fashion labels and brands have built a damaging culture that revolves around the need for models to be “Paris thin”, without addressing the consequences of such promotion on both purchasers and the people in the industry.

Thankfully, Daddy Couture includes all individuals. It has developed a cult following within a social group that has been historically marginalised, building an authentic brand voice founded on inclusion and social acceptance.