Stress! It is a day-to-day term in every individual’s life. The campaigners describe stress as the “one of the great public health challenges of our time.”

About three parts of the overall Scots which participated in the survey conveyed that they were not able to cope with the rising stress they faced in the last year.

As per the reports of the poll conducted by the Mental Health Foundation, more than thirty-five percent of the people suffering from the stress witnessed the suicidal thoughts or similar feelings. About sixteen percent people conveyed, they had even tried to harm themselves under the stressful situations.

The results of the Mental Health Foundation Survey came ahead on account of the Mental Health Awareness Week. It was the responsibility of the YouGov to conduct the campaign on behalf of the Mental Health Foundation. It has been doing so for the past eighteen years.

A survey quiz was presented to approximately one thousand and twelve people. The study finds its way in a latest report “Stress- Are we coping?”

Lee Knifton says, “Very large numbers of adults in Scotland are experiencing high levels of stress, and it is damaging our health.” Lee Knifton is the current head of the Mental Health Foundation, Scotland.

The study reports stress to be one of the significant challenges to the public health in today’s era. The people are neglecting the preventive measure of the stress.

Researchers have been quoting stress as the primary contributor to result in the conditions of mental health problems. The significant mental health problems where stress plays a prominent role are anxiety and the depressions.

As stress is linked to the mental health problems, it too proves to a climbing rope for the physical health problems. Notable among the physical health problems are the immunity, insomnia, and digestion-related issues.

The insurance firm Aviva highlights the money, family and the work pressures to be the contributing factors related to the “struggle to cope” concept.

Stress is entitled to be the “Suffering in Silence disease.”