As per the recent statistics, South Africa is experiencing growth in hypertension and blood pressure cases. The exponential growth is being witnessed for twenty years.
The above inference comes from the desk of Professor Bryan Rayner. Professor Bryan Rayner is the nephrologist and the director at the Hypertension Institute at the University of Cape Town.

Professor Bryan says, “In a sense, we are facing a national health emergency, but because the links between high BP and death, heart disease, and stroke are indirect, public awareness is poor.”

South Africa in the year 2017 witnessed about 42% to 54% of the hypertension cases. The figure is estimated for the year 2017. Hypertension is the main contributor to the cardiac disease and the strokes. Also, it may even give rise to other conditions such as the heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, and other related medical conditions.

Also, hypertension has been observed to be one of the significant causes of mortality. The mortality figure has been recorded as 1.2 billion across the globe.

While focusing on South Africa, one in every three adults is the victim of high blood pressure. It is also known to be responsible for every alternate stroke and two in five reported cardiac arrests.

The scientists from the Wits University have conducted the recent study. The study infers that Southern part of South Africa is the home to a large number of the hypertension victims. It also has a more substantial figure in the cases where the blood pressure is not controlled even when they are on the blood pressure pills.

Currently, it is only the blood pressure test which provides an insight into the level of your blood pressure. The Servier firm is launching #BecauseIsayso in conjunction with the May Measurement Month (MMM) campaign run by the International Society of Hypertension (ISH). BecauseIsayso will be a worldwide campaign focusing on the importance of the regular screening of the blood pressure. Servier is a pharmaceutical group.