Joilson Melo
Joilson Melo

For people like Joilson Melo, becoming a lawyer is no simple task. Years of work and study all culminating into one of the most demanding jobs one can imagine. There are many reasons to become a lawyer, and even more reasons to become successful at it. The lucrative payday that is often associated with the higher echelon of law firms is one notable contributor, another is the opportunity to effect positive and effective change in a system.

While a majority of the cases heard around the world relate to mundane everyday occurrences like marital issues and property disputes, there are occasions where lawyers are called up to represent a sense of justice on behalf of the people. For the young Brazilian lawyer Joilson Melo aka Joilson Junior De Melo, this has always been the principal focus.

His career has already had some notable interjections and milestones, and he’s only just getting started on his long-term goal of using his ability and prowess in the courtroom to enable reform on a systematic level for Brazil.

Joilson Melo – The Early Stages

Born on September 20 198, Joilson Melo has always been a student of litigious knowledge. The 32 year old is currently a law student at Fasip College in Sinop, Mato Grosso in Brazil, the notion of holding corruption to account has always been in the forefront of Joilson Melo’s mind.

There was something he noticed early on in his educational journey, as well as being a part of the Brazilian culture. He observed that there was a heightened disparity existing between the rich and poor, and how the lawmakers and the system itself was corrupted to the point of favouring one side in lieu of true justice.

This is the crux of Joilson Melo’s journey into becoming a specialist at law, one who has potential positioning to craft effective change and hold the powers to account.


Joilson Melo is no stranger to the notion of calling out queries when he sees them. In the past he has requested an inquiry into the National Council Of Justice with Minister Humberto Eustaquio Soares Martin’s as a rapporteur.

While he studies, he is observing more and more how intricate the legal system can be, and how difficult it may seem to affect any form of real and noticeable change. The law works as a moral and foundational framework for any society in the 21st century, it seems only fitting to have the brightest minds at the helm.

Where To Next for Joilson Melo?

Joilson Melo is on the road to impact. While his observations become more proven as time goes on and corruption runs rampant, it’s alleviating to see some form of real justice is still being expressed in the world. For the young Brazilian lawyer, the next few years will be crucial.