Next week, the stargazers will be witnessing the celestial event where the fortunate ones will be able to gaze the planet’s rings. The ringed giant will mark its presence in the opposition just a day before the appearance of the Strawberry full moon, i.e. on the twenty-seventh day of June.

During this celestial event, the Saturn will be positioning itself across the sky. It will be at its closest possible distance from the Earth. This event is known as the opposition. In astronomy, we believe that the event of opposition happens when the two heavenly bodies lie in opposition to each other. This celestial event will be positioning Saturn in such a way that will give a clear view of the constellation of Sagittarius.

Above everything, if you are a space lover, a pair of good binoculars is enough for you to witness the magical rings of Saturn.

Royal Observatory Greenwich astronomers say, “With a decent pair of binoculars you’ll be able to see that the object you are looking at is not the standard circle shape of a planet. With a small telescope, though, this shape will sharpen into the stunning rings that surround the planet. Made of tiny pieces of ice and rock, the rings are tens of thousands of kilometres across, but only about ten metres thick.”

In addition to Saturn’s mesmerising appearance in the sky, the astronomers still are witnessing a breathtaking Jupiter’s view in this month itself. The Jupiter’s will be visible in the western sky.

It is being said that the Saturn will be marking its presence throughout the night of Opposition. In order to have a view of this beautiful ringed gas giant, you need to focus towards the southern skies. You will be targeting at about ten degrees over the horizons to get a clear view of the ringed gas giant.