June 16, marks the birthdate of Marga Faulstich. She was a German glass chemist. She bags in the title of a developer of about three hundred different kinds of eye lenses. Her glory does not end only up to eye lens developer; she is also entitled with forty different patents.

She spent more than four decades of her life serving at the Scott Glass Company. Besides, just calling her an employee of Scott Glass Company, you can say that she was the first woman employee to be recruited there.

Marga is reckoned for her SF64 lightweight lens. This SF64 lightweight lens was discovered in the year 1973. For her incredible contribution towards the invention of this lens, Marga Faulstich received an award of about IR 100. It was American Industrial Research Council who felicitated her with this glorifying award.

Marga laid down the foundation of her career in chemistry as a graduate assistant for a manufacturing firm. This firm specialized in the production of optical lenses. Her research contributions were used in manufacturing of sunglasses, glass facades, and the anti-reflective glasses. As Rome was never built in a single day, same was the case with Marga. She faced every common struggle a researcher’s faces but overcame those with her sheer dedication. After decades of practice, Marga finally established herself as a full-fledged researcher. With her extremely hard-working ability, she propelled in the field of glass chemistry. Her research vibes did not limit her to only the area of glass chemistry. She also created a melting pot. This melting pot developed by Marga Faulstich could withstand the high temperatures.

She retired in the year 1979 after dedicating about four decades towards her research. Later she continued her contributions in shaping the budding researchers by addressing at the conferences and lectures. Unfortunately, we lost this great personality on February 01, 1998 at the age of eighty-two years.

Today on account of her 103rd birthday, Google embraces her valuable contributions with an animated Doodle. The doodle illustrates the glass lenses, and other laboratory equipment encircling Marga Faulstich. Sophia Martineck is the brain behind today’s doodle of Marga Faulstich. Another doodle features a hard-sketch of Marga Faulstich in a research lab trying on the optical lenses herself.

Though Marga Faulstich is no longer present today, her incredible contributions will be alive in the upcoming decades too.