Sondae Esposito, Vice President of USPA

Vice President of USPA International Sondae Esposito has recently announced the launch of the company’s brand new location in Englewood Cliffs New Jersey. As one of the largest private security guard services in the USA, this new location will allow them to expand their reach and service the entire state of New Jersey.

The official title of the new branch will be “USPA Nationwide Security of New Jersey.” The branch is licensed, bonded, and fully insured. As USPA International has become a household name in many countries, it will continue the legacy of the other branches around the world. Founded in 2005 and now operating in 16 countries, USPA has an impressive reputation, and a client list that includes many reputable people such as people from Forbes’ Top 200 Earners list. They also work with a number of national brands and private clientele. Their philanthropic work is also notable, with Forbes Magazine, among others, featuring their story and their work with women and children. USPA also donates a large portion of their profits each year to continue supporting the community.

USPA currently provides licensed security guard services, secure transport, close protection offers, fire watch, and estate security to locations across the US. The New Jersey branch will continue this legacy, utilising the 16 years of experience that the company has in government security administration and security contracts across several continents. With local demand for this level of private security continuing to grow, Michael Evans and Sondae Esposito have brought their leadership skills to the local branch and will be announcing the full management team shortly.

While the team is yet to be revealed, Sondae Esposito has assured us that it includes highly experienced security professionals. With the USPA having the reputation that it does in the security industry, they have been careful to select only the best of the best to join their new team.

As the branch is also going to be an affiliate of USPA’s Kingsman program, there will be notable members of the Kingsman staff joining the team. They will be in charge of directing the company’s philanthropic services to women and children who are in human trafficking and abduction support in New Jersey.

This branch is an exciting development for the globally trusted company.