Scott Crockett, Everest Business Funding's CEO

It can take a great deal of skill to keep your team inspired enough to put in its best consistently as a leader.

There is a lot of work for leaders to do in this regard, from taking care of the team’s emotional health to ensuring their achievements are properly recognized. But, as the saying goes, the juice is worth the squeeze, as inspired and motivated employees consistently produce more for the company.

Scott Crockett Everest Business Funding’s CEO looks at five things team leaders can do to help keep their teams motivated.

5 Tips on How to Inspire Your Workers:

Tip #1. Focus on Purpose

While you may care about the company’s profits, most of your employees won’t. It’s not that they wish the company ill will, but they don’t see the same benefits of a profitable company as you do.

In addition, money doesn’t consistently inspire employees; working for a company with a purpose that stands up for their beliefs does.

Employees also want to know that all the hard work they put in helps contribute to the company’s difference. Companies that can show a real-world impact on the community will inspire their employees to do more.

Tip #2. Understand Your Workers

While much of employee administration has to be standardized, there has to be a significant individualization element. Great leaders can learn who their employees genuinely are so they can better serve them in the workplace.

Not every employee is motivated the same way. That’s why leaders need to understand what makes each employee tick to create an environment that inspires them daily.

Tip #3. Provide Support

Most employees today don’t just want to be told what to do and then reprimanded if they don’t do it up to the company’s liking. Instead, they prefer to be taught and guided in the right direction to achieve what they need to accomplish in their roles.

As a leader, this means providing the proper support and tools your employees need to succeed. The leader can start as the teacher but shift into the facilitator.

Tip #4. Give Ownership

Much of management is about making sure employees are accountable for their work. Employees like this, too. But, to keep them inspired consistently, leaders need to give employees ownership over their jobs and not just hold them accountable for their tasks.

Scott Crockett says this means entrusting your employees by giving them authority. You won’t be allowing your workers to do whatever they want, whenever they want. What you will do is provide them with some freedom to make decisions about their work.

Tip #5. Gain Their Respect

Employees shouldn’t fear their leaders; they should respect them. On the flip side, leaders should respect their employees, too.

When employees feel that their managers admire their work and respect them as humans, they feel more connected to the work they’re doing. They feel more included in the process. And they remain consistently inspired to keep working hard.

About Scott Crockett

Scott Crockett is the founder and CEO of Everest Business Funding. He is a seasoned professional with 20 years of experience in the finance industry. Mr. Crockett’s track record includes raising more than $250 million in capital and creating thousands of jobs. Scott has founded, built, and managed several finance companies in the consumer and commercial finance sectors.