Carmel Partners Features Murals at Developments in Denver, Seattle and Los Angeles

Across a variety of urban markets, Carmel Partners develops multifamily properties that extend well beyond functionality. Having mastered the art of high-end amenities and personal spaces, the firm also recognizes residents’ desire to engage meaningfully with their communities through visual and aesthetic features. While designing properties ‘Drivetrain,’ ‘Ballard Yards’ and ‘Eighth and Grand,’ Carmel Partners took an imaginative approach to interior and exterior spaces. Commissioning local artists, the firm added murals as a unique enhancement to these Denver, Seattle and Los Angeles properties.

A new addition to Denver’s River North Arts (RiNo) district, Drivetrain is a 417-unit property and a bold reflection of the area’s industrial style. Located in a newly-redeveloped neighborhood rich with modern restaurants, breweries, studios and galleries, RiNo boasts a dynamic lifestyle with street art around almost every corner. Looking to the neighborhood’s vibrancy to inspire the spaces inside Drivetrain’s walls, Carmel Partners commissioned artist Patrick Maxcy to add a hand-painted mural to the property’s entry lobby.

With a portfolio that portrays nature in a bold and detail-intensive fashion, Carmel Partners identified Maxcy as an ideal artist to strengthen Drivetrain’s colorful and creative common spaces. Behind the front desk, the one-of-a-kind mural welcomes residents with an oversized depiction of a hummingbird, painted in yellow, green, blue and white. Upon closer look, the mural displays fine brush stroke details for a unique experience from the viewer’s perspective. The mural’s reference to nature also incorporates a key aspect of the Colorado lifestyle, in which residents enjoy a close connectedness to the natural world, adjacent to the South Platte River and with the Rocky Mountain Front Range visible even from urban areas like downtown Denver.

Building visual appeal beyond the indoors, Carmel Partners incorporated two exterior murals at Ballard Yards, a property overlooking Ballard Locks and the historic Fisherman’s terminal in Seattle. Brimming with nautical folklore, the area offers residents a view into Seattle’s industrial past while emerging as a trendy new hub for dining and nightlife. Located on the northwest corner of 24th Avenue and Market Street, Ballard Yards is a 175-unit seven story apartment complex that prominently displays two murals on opposing exterior walls.

In partnership with illustrator and muralist Sarah Robbins, Carmel Partners envisioned the mural as a connection between the historic and residential sides of the Ballard neighborhood. On the property’s east end, a nautical mural displays a deep-sea diver surrounded by Pacific Northwest Bull kelp, and worn shipyard signage and organic patterns that allude to rocks and tidepools. Added to the dark backdrop of the wall’s corrugated slats, the mural follows a contemporary yet vintage palette of orange, yellow, blue and green. On the west end of the property is a mural depicting a giant Pacific octopus, plus similar details of seaweed, organic patterning and old Ballard shipyard signage. As pedestrians view these murals from the street, they are reminded of the unseen parts that bring the Ballard neighborhood to life.

With a similar focus on the pedestrian perspective, Carmel Partners included an exterior mural at Los Angeles property Eighth and Grand. A unique footprint in the downtown area, Eighth and Grand is a 700-unit modern podium apartment building located at one of L.A.’s most desirable addresses. Enhancing its modern façade, Carmel Partners commissioned Italian street artist Jacopo Ceccarelli, known as ‘2501’ on his work, to create a mural on the property’s southwest face.

Consistent with the artist’s style, the mural follows a mostly monochromatic and minimalist theme throughout five adjacent and oversized circles. Inside each, various animals and symbols create a visible narrative that celebrates L.A.’s vibrant diversity. Spanning 106-feet along the south side of the property, the mural has become an eye-catching piece with an almost mesmerizing and kinetic effect.

Organically appearing throughout city streets, Carmel Partners has taken a new approach by commissioning artists to create murals as intentional additions to multifamily properties. Both indoors and outdoors, these pieces contribute meaningful stories to Drivetrain, Ballard Yards and Eighth and Grand.

About Carmel Partners

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