Kilo House
Kilo House

Kilo House has struck again with a new release following the immense success of his Halloween album “The Witching Hour”. With the spookiest month of the year behind us, Kilo House has gone in a bit of a different direction with his new track; Marsha.

The track is focused around a sound clip of the famous rant and catchphrase of Jen Brady from iconic television series “The Brady Bunch” which aired from 1969 to 1974. However, the track is more than just a reference to a TV show, since the name of Kilo’s mother is ‘Marsha’. In this way, the track is as much a tribute to his mother as it is to the iconic TV show (the art for the track even features an old photo of his mother hiding behind a bush as a child).

Kilo samples the sound clip in such a way that it builds up to “Marcia, Marica, Marcia” right before the main drop. When it drops, listeners are treated to an awesome arrangement of bass and percussion with a melody of reverberating plucks that, in true Kilo House fashion, make the track sound really atmospheric.

During the intro and mid-intro of the track, the strings really help create the orchestral vibe that many of Kilo’s tracks benefit from. Marsha, like all of Kilo’s music, is a track that really helps take you away from the real world for a brief period.

The track is noticeably lighter in its overall sound than what we usually hear from Kilo House. However, this is not to say that the bass is any less heavy than you would expect from this trap artist – it’s certainly a track that doesn’t hold back in the low-end.

Kilo House has once again demonstrated his ability to stay true to the core appeal of his sound while experimenting with new things in each track, something that many other producers must envy.