Jace Herrera - OuterSpaceAce

OuterSpaceAce, Jace Herrera (born September 17, 1994, Boise, Idaho, U.S.), is an independent artist based out of Boise Idaho. Last year in early June, he opened up a recording studio for local musicians to learn the creation process of their own music. Given that Idahos music scene is still in the early developing stages, it can be difficult for people to find an affordable recording studio anywhere.

He wants to change that and eventually open up a recording studio in all surrounding cities of Boise Idaho. OuterSpaceAce is a self taught producer and audio engineer and has worked for various professional radio imaging companies.

His previous experience has allowed him to view the ins and outs of the radio industry as well as apply what he learned there to his own work. OuterSpaceAce has helped many different artists find their own unique sound. He takes his time and finds each artists special abilities and teaches them to highlight and build around them.

He has worked with many of the local artist such as Skilly Waves, 208BigShot, TheDreamOfficialll, Mask Vision, NickBlanco208, OfficialKidFlow, Deezie, and YarnThuug. He has worked with other up and coming artists such as Caden Only, King Mac Walker, Derek, Hakeem Prime, D2RClothingBrand, JordanGetem, Sensei Kyh, Masdiaz, 4EvaPaid, Skyler Dee,OuterSpaceJay, and King Cam of RNP. He has worked with major artists such as Larry June, Glasses Malone, LP Certified and Rated-R Playboy.

OuterSpaceAce genuinely wants everyone to reach their pinnacle. He wants everyone to be the best version of themselves. His mentality and desire to create different sounds led him to collaborate with many different artists even internationally.

Globally speaking, he has worked in close relations with MoneyManDvn who is a rapper / audio engineer, based out of the UK. OuterSpaceAce has also featured on a song with rapper Jc Diamond from San Jose, Costa Rica. He has also worked in close relation with Vera Trap Entertainment, a music production team from Italy.

Utilizing all of his experience he aims for every artist to grow more and more each time they create a song. Don’t forget to book a studio session with him to take your sound to a new level.