iAmMoneyMoves - Norman Bechtel

Norman “iAmMoneyMoves” Bechtel is a American Entrepreneur based in Baltimore, MD, focusing on the music industry and has been recognized for work with artists such as Cardi B, DaBaby, Meek Mill, Yo Gotti, Megan Thee Stallion, Moneybagg Yo, YoungBoy Never Broke Fresh, A Boogie, and Marshmellow.

iAmMoneyMoves knows as an artist promoter the ability to balance artists with each other so that they know their creativity is not curtailed. This is complicated, since the artist may be solely guided by creative choices while the boss is entrepreneurial and concentrates on the artist’s quest for opportunities.

There are many different positions of musicians and management. Artists are inspired by creative thinking and a love for artisans. Managers are market-driven, success and collaborative experts, dedicated to seeking the right markets for their artist and to coping with all the business aspects associated with them.

Without the proper balance, there can be a difference between aim and implementation for managers and artists. Artists want to remain true to their intellectual and innovative ideals, and managers are attempting to influence them to do what they can to help them achieve their long-term goals.

Someone who is better than anyone knowing this balance is artist manager and developer Normal Bechtel, better referred as “iAmMoneyMoves.” After his experience as a photographer in the musical field, iAmMoneyMoves is now dependent on his contacts to establish the ultimate management and development for independent artist.

iAmMoneyMoves responded to several questions about his experience and job as an artist manager.

Do you have a little idea of your past and how you got to work in the music scene professionally?

I began printing clothes for major concerts at an early age, to be around the music scene and to be more interested, I approached the artists with whom I had developed a bond and began to capture concerts.

This classic contradiction will generate much suspense, something iAmMoneyMoves can’t wait, between artists and their management. In handling his musicians, he makes sure that he signs people who he feels have a workplace ethic consistent with his own.

IAmMoneyMoves said himself he isn’t here for “babysitting” musicians; he’s dealing with people who take their business career seriously. In that way, collaborating with a new artist takes a lot, because he must know that they are worth investing in time and resources.

The creation of an artist by iAmMoneyMoves is all-embracing from improving social media to learning how to drop music / videos + more. If the ground has been set up, he allows the artist to present, build an authentic base of supporters, place and win in all the media, book festivals and slots supports, brand sponsorship, license for radio play music and everything else.

IAmMoneyMoves definitely strives to create a constructive working relationship with its musicians. This involves engaging with them on a regular basis, giving mentorship and guidance where necessary and achieved short-term and longer-term targets wherever possible.

Overall, iAmMoneyMoves will flourish for artists with whom he works, using his own knowledge and contacts 100 percent and hoping for the same determination.

You can follow up with Norman at Instagram @iammoneymoves
Website: http://iammoneymoves.com or email: contact@iammoneymoves.com