choice post-wedding

Your destination of choice post-wedding is the best way to top off a good adventure. We’re assuming you’re doing your wedding planning.

In this piece, we will be uncovering the best list of places to go when it comes to your honeymoon. Get on top of your wedding planning with a good plan for after the wedding. Make a vacay that’s here to stay with the hot spots to go to in your honeymoon.

The best areas to travel to post-wedding

1.    Chiang Mai, Thailand

Known as the “Rose of the North”, Chiang Mai is the destination for one of the most important temples in Asia’s history. Their most popular temple, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, has 309 steps to get to the inside of the temple. There are incredible scenic views to witness when it comes to this site. From food marketplaces to museums, there is so much art and culture in this area. From its incredible street foods, its longstanding history, and rich picturesque natural spots, this is the most unexpected by iconic destinations to have your honeymoon.

2.    Iceland

Iceland is a scenic place full of wonder and excitement – a dream for any bride to be. It is a place of colours, popping from each building to building. There are many scenic views of glaciers, farm life, and the picturesque skies. There are a variety of beautiful routes to explore such as The Golden Circle to the Ring Road. There are many sites to see that is filled with many colours such as the Rainbow Street which is filled with many colours. For those who are a fan of Bjork, they would know Iceland is a magical place filled with beautiful nature as seen in her music. She uses the natural sounds from home, showing how connected land is to their everyday life over there. Rug up with your loved one, cuddle on the couch as you watch the beautiful drift off in the sky on honeymoon more special than any night in Paris.

3.    Fiji

The destination for all your beach dreams to come to life. If you want something on the sunnier side, look no further than the beaches offered in Fiji. There are many islands to look out for each with their own resort to add more vibrancy to your honeymoon. With its whitest sand and crystal clear water, you can’t miss out. Fiji is the destination for a dreamer’s paradise. Couples looking for a destination to take a breather after months of planning and stressing over their big day can take relief in the incredible relaxing surroundings on offer at Fiji.

Make a honeymoon that stands out from the other married couples. You’ll want to look back on Instagram knowing you’ve had a hell of a time that is only unique to you and your partner. From the coasts off of Fiji, the cold weather of Iceland, right down to the scenic gardens of Thailand, you will have a post-wedding trip you’ll enjoy. Drink a glass to all the wonderful adventures you’ll have on your honeymoon, with these dream destinations!