An Irish-owned chain of Coffee shops has now started offering coffees in compostable cups. Also, they are also promulgating the use of segregated bins to dispose of the compostable coffee cups.

It is being said that Insomnia will be placing the segregated bins in about one hundred and fifty outlets. These bins are being put to collect the compostable coffee cups from Insomnia’s outlets as well as from other coffee shops. The segregated bin has a separate compartment for disposing of liquid waste and liquid bags. Such compostable coffee cups are also disposable in the domestic brown containers.

The customers of Insomnia bringing in their reusable cups for proper disposal will be awarded loyalty points. These loyalty points correspond to a discount of about twenty percent on their next cup of coffee.

Also, the company will be even introducing paper straws in all its outlets. These paper straws would be readily degradable in the marine environment. Compatible with marine degradability means they can be broken down quickly in lakes as well as reservoirs. Insomnia firm assures their customers that all their outlets will be having compostable cutleries, ice drink tumblers and cups for water by the end of this summer.

If a properly operated and well-structured compost facility is available, then the degradation of the compostable cups can be brought about in six to eight weeks. The target of Insomnia is to collect about two hundred cups from each coffee shop per day. The Insomnia team believes that by stepping ahead with this dedicated effort, it aims to divert approximately fifteen million takeaway cups from the landfill sites by the year 2020.