While we are still jumbled up with the fate of plastic that enters the ocean, a young and dynamic 12-year old girl aims to assist the researchers with a specially crafted device. This 12-year super genius girl has invented a robot which can move along the ocean and identify the plastics. Interestingly, the robot is programmed to collect the plastic wastes as well. Isn’t it amazing?

The little girl is Anna Du, a sixth-grader at Andover in Massachusetts. She is one of the finalists in the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientists Challenge. Anna conveys, “I have always loved marine animals and walking around the beach. One day I just noticed that there are plastics everywhere around Boston Harbor, and so I tried to pick them up and clean it up. But there were just so many that I wanted to make something to help that problem.”

It was her visualisation brilliance which motivated her towards this discovery. Anna realised that locating the plastic wastes in oceans was one of the essential steps. She researched thoroughly about the plastic recycling companies which make the use of infrared light. The modern recycling companies exploit the infrared rays in the identification and sorting out of plastic wastes.

Inspired by the use of infrared phenomenon, Anna worked out her underwater ROV device. This underwater ROV device is accompanied by an infrared light which helps is the identification of plastics. Besides, to this novice technology, the underwater ROV device is constructed on a cost-efficient basis. Anna adds, “I hope to be able to map where microplastics are accumulating spatially.”

Her researcher’s mind further inspires her with the aim of ‘creating the most efficient machine cleaning up plastics.’

Let us all wish her a GOOD LUCK in her future endeavours and hope that shines brightly in her career.