Kelvin Teo
Kelvin Teo

Kelvin Teo began his personal development journey in 2017, looking to change his outlook on life and the trajectory he was heading in. He was stuck in a decently paying job that kept his bank account full, but left him feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied with the way his life was heading. Like many others amongst the population, Kelvin was tired of the monotony in his life, and his physical and mental health started to become impacted as a result. He decided to leave his job, and pursue the path of personal development, in order to become the best version of himself.

He discovered many methods and techniques to do with neuroscience, which helped to change his perception of the world and how he should be applying his mental outlook into his own life to create change. As a result of this, he was able to create a living through his personal development search, by helping others to achieve the same thing in their own lives. Kelvin was able to create a healthy work life balance, in which he can be present for his family, his wife and child, and still help others to apply the same techniques he did in order to find holistic success in life.

Kelvin believes that many people do not take the concept of a ‘mental filter’ seriously, in which they perceive the world through their own mental lens.

By changing their mental filter and applying techniques grounded in mentalism, people are able to achieve big things in life, rather than being stuck in the same place with no clue as to what to do.

The Neuroscience of Daily Success

His journey leading up to the publication of his book was not a long one, as he knew what he wanted to do and set his mind to it. The book is one that aims for the reader to be able to finish it, and immediately implement a plan using the neuroscience techniques within in order to create meaningful change in their lives. While these changes may be small and unnoticeable at first, eventually over time they will be able to bloom into bigger changes that can have a significant impact on future events. The book is based solely off of Kelvin’s life experience using these techniques, and his personal success is a testament to the real change that can occur through the application of these techniques.

For any of those people out there who are feeling like they are stuck in a rut at their monotonous jobs, and are looking for ways to make changes, but just can’t seem to get their head around it, then this intriguing publication might just be for you.