Many recognize the importance of creating a more sustainable future for human civilization and achieving a more harmonious balance with the world around us. However, individually we can often feel helpless to make impactful changes.

A sustainable future requires a group effort, and it requires professionals (especially in fields like engineering, infrastructure, construction etc.) to apply sustainable principles to their work. This requires education in sustainability, something that online platforms like GBRI specialize in providing.

gbriFounded in 2010, GBRI has spent over a decade providing a dynamic sustainability education service that delivers training and exam prep packages for those seeking credentials in LEED and WELL. GBRI currently has over 462 lessons available on its platform and over 120,000 satisfied customers.

GBRI’s education materials are best suited to those with degrees in development-related areas like architecture, building science, urban planning, landscape design etc. who want to complement their existing expertise with credentials in green building design, sustainable design, green technologies, and more.

The credentials that GBRI offers training and exam prep for include:

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design): LEED is a green building certification program created by USGBC (United States Green Building Council). LEED-certified buildings are based around resource efficiency, using fewer resources, and contributing to fewer carbon emissions.

GBRI offers LEED Green Associate and LEED AP training and exam preparation.

LEED Green Associate: This is the initial tier in LEED credential development and requires students to demonstrate green building principles. It conveys authority and commitment to sustainable building and is a stepping stone that flags desire for further educational development.

LEED AP: A LEED AP (Accredited Professional) credential requires specialization in a certain field, such as building design + construction, or operations + maintenance. It demonstrates an even greater commitment to sustainable building and design.

WELL: WELL is focused on the people who inhabit a building, putting health and comfort at the forefront. It is about creating buildings that are better for the planet as well as human beings. It is the first building standard of its kind that focuses on the wellness of occupants.

WELL AP: A WELL AP credential requires demonstration of the knowledge to support the WELL certification process on buildings. This credential distinguishes professionals that achieve an in-depth understanding of the WELL Building Standard.

GBRI’s training and exam prep packages are designed to provide an easy-to-follow structure that streamlines the education process and ensures success on the test. The GBRI Learning Hub has hundreds of videos, articles, and training materials on a wide range of sustainability-related topics.