How Ziphawk Determines Their Car Requirements for Maximum Safety and Comfort

As Ziphawk takes off in popularity, we continue to maintain high standards for driver vehicles. These rules are in place to ensure the comfort and safety of every rider.

We understand that unique vehicle ownership situations occur, and we have taken that into account when designing our vehicle policies. Here’s what we expect from every Ziphawk vehicle.

New Vehicles 

All Ziphawk vehicles are under ten years old. This requirement protects both drivers and riders from risky situations that can pop up with older cars.

As your car ages, parts can go bad and cause safety hazards. We don’t take that chance with our vehicle standards. To drive for Ziphawk, your vehicle must have been manufactured within the last ten years.

No Refurbished Vehicles

Many vehicle owners like to salvage or rebuild old cars using newer parts. This can get dangerous when it comes to transporting passengers. Ziphawk does not accept vehicles that have been rebuilt or put together with various parts. Your vehicle parts must be in a good general condition without extensive additions or swaps.

This is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. When your vehicle undergoes our thorough inspection, we decide whether it is safe enough to meet our standards. We understand that not every part will be from the manufacturer, but extensive modifications are not allowed. This keeps you and your passengers safe while you drive for Ziphawk.

4-Door Vehicles 

It can be difficult to cram passengers into two-door cars and trucks. We require every Ziphawk driver to use a four-door vehicle at all times. This ensures that passengers feel comfortable and have plenty of room during their rides.

Getting riders in and out of two-door cars can get tedious throughout the day. Most riders prefer having extra space to stretch out and enjoy the ride.

Space for Four Passengers

Ziphawk vehicles must seat at least four passengers, not including the driver. Most vehicles with a full-length backseat and passenger seat meet this requirement. Larger vehicles are even better because they can hold big groups of passengers. You can use Ziphawk to transport yourself and your friends to any event without worry.

No Extensive Modifications

We know that for many people, their vehicles are an outlet for self-expression and creativity. However, extensive modifications will disqualify you from the Ziphawk vehicle inspection.

We have to ensure that riders feel safe and confident in their Ziphawk vehicles during every trip. Unapproved modifications can compromise the safety and integrity of your car. This is also a legal issue, as some vehicle modifications can be illegal and cause problems for drivers and riders.

What Is Ziphawk?

Ziphawk is an up-and-coming ridesharing service with updated policies and protections in place for both riders and drivers. Our goal is to make ridesharing a casual, comfortable experience in everyday life.

Many people rely on ridesharing to make daily trips, so we ensure that the experience is satisfactory each time. If you want the best customer service and trip comfort in the industry, choose Ziphawk for your ridesharing needs.