Steve Rastall & The igroup CAMS System

As more companies adapt a cloud infrastructure to keep up with the everchanging landscape of modern enterprise, igroup and its managing director Steve Rastall have crafted an encompassing and powerful cloud management solution that takes care of all the heavy lifting.

This is where the efficacy and utility of the CloudOps Active Management Solution from igroup comes into play. The revolutionary system comes from decades of research and investment – Steve Rastall has been there since the beginning and will attest to the long journey to this point.

So, how does the igroup CAMS system assist with international expansion of companies, and the easing of expansion as a whole?

Read on to find out.

A Little About The Clouds

Cloud infrastructure has a history of being wildly popular, but ultimately overlooked in certain contexts and especially in areas related to performance and cost optimization. A number of companies that have made the switch from on-premises to cloud-based infrastructure often have similar woes and ailments with the changeover, namely, the cost and performance issues.

There were also reports of a number of companies that were making the switch to a cloud-based infrastructure having issues with security, protection, and overall systems management that would often require the eyes and skillsets of cloud computing specialists which many companies opt to not have in-house.

This is where igroup and Steve Rastall saw opportunity.

How CAMS Elicits Expansion

The igroup CAMS system is a comprehensive cloud management system that can be tailored to a number of industries and requirements. The plug and play simplicity of the platform also makes it a perfect solution for companies looking to expand into new cities, regions, or countries.

As the cloud infrastructure, when properly maintained and monitored, can be exponentially expandable and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection – the CAMS system allows companies to expand without worry.

Expansion Through Cost-Cutting

As cloud infrastructure allows for more mobility and remote-friendly working environments, the notion of expanding into a new territory or area is easy with a properly monitored and consistently supported management system which reduces the unnecessary costs that can often be overlooked with cloud infrastructures.

Expansion Through Scalable & Simple Solutions

Thanks to the partnerships established with igroup and AWS and Azure, the monetary savings on scaling upward and outward are comparatively minimal. Expanding into new regions with no issues and knowing there is always 24/7 support and monitoring on the integrity of data and processes will allow a smoother and more professional reputation to be garnered in more places.

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