Stan Davis

Powerful Electrical LLC has a reputation for being one of the most reliable and honest electrical companies in their area. Based in Charleston South Carolina and led by qualified and experienced electrician Stan Davis, the company prioritizes customers and works tirelessly to ensure that all of their electrical needs are met. Offering a range of services, it’s no surprise that their popularity as a premiere electrical contractor for electrical services has continued to grow to astounding heights.

In terms of electrical services, Powerful Electrical LLC offers everything including electrical panel replacement and installation, electrical service upgrades, recessed lighting installation, GFCI repair, circuit breaker replacement and more. The team strive to tailor their services to each customer’s unique case and come up with a cost effective and stress-free solution. This commitment to providing viable options for clients and taking the hassle out of electrical projects is part of what makes them so popular. The team understand that electrical projects can be a stressful and uncertain process for clients and do everything in their power to put their mind at ease by offering them safe and achievable solutions.

With the leadership of Stan Davis, each and every project that the company undertakes is completed to the highest possible standard. Stan graduated from the Charleston Electrical Contractors Association (CECA) and has also obtained a Masters and Commercial Contractors License. The 4-year apprenticeship program at CECA gave him the valuable experience needed to head his own company. He oversees every project that the company commences to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the work and the solutions provided. He also ensures that each project meets code and is carried out safely and reliably.

Unlike other electrical companies, Powerful Electrical LLC are committed to honesty and transparency and aim to be available to their clients wherever possible. A free consultation is provided before the commencement of each project to plan out how the desired outcomes will be achieved. The client is able to set a realistic budget and a time frame and the Powerful Electrical LLC team will commit to completing the project within the time frame and price range, either meeting or going under your budget. This transparency has allowed them to build an unparalleled level of customer trust. The 24-hour live chat function also gives clients the opportunity to have any of their questions answered quickly and accurately. No matter what your issue, Stan and his team are the most dedicated in their field to working towards an optimal solution.

Powerful Electrical LLC and their leader Stan Davis continue to go above and beyond for their community. Family owned and operated, they are a fully licensed and insured company that customers can trust to deliver exceptional services. Their honest and friendly way of operating gives people the comfort that the job will be completed in the desired way and their qualifications ensure that this will be done to the highest possible standard.