Patrick ‘Hot Money’ Osei

Hot Money Recordings is a record label which has just recently launched in 2020. Founded and operated by big name producer Patrick ‘Hot Money’ Osei, he has collaborated with many big name artists in the UK music industry including Stefflon Don, Krept and Konan and Stormzy. With leading experience, expertise and knowledge from 20 years in the music scene, Patrick ‘Hot Money’ Osei decided to step up his career and branch out into a record label, in order to unify and work with several artists at once.

Patrick ‘Hot Money’ Osei came from humble beginnings, starting his love for music at the age of 7 when he was tutored in the piano. From there on, he attended the School of Audio Engineering to hone his musical craft into that of music production, and his career stepped up from there. His instrumentals and beats ultimately would become used and widely recognized, played throughout the UK club scene consistently.

Patrick has also been recognized on television media, with him featuring a segment in a BBC program focusing on the drill music scene which has had a lot of publicity surrounding it. Patrick aims to continue to promote the awareness and growth of Hot Money Recordings, and will continue to do so by working with big name UK artists alongside his instrumentals and beats. He has a lot to offer when it comes to knowledge and expertise of the UK music industry, and continues to share this with aspiring artists and those who work with him.

His goal with Hot Money Recordings is to further share these things, as well as to unite artists together to create great music and bring everyone to the top and achieve their success in the UK music industry. Patrick’s different approach to recording sessions is what sets Hot Money Recordings apart from the rest, offering drinks and food during his sessions and focusing on hospitality and service. This helped to attract a large client base for his services, and as such he has worked with many notable UK artists as a result. Hot Money Recordings and Patrick ‘Hot Money’ Osei are definitely things to keep an eye on.