A recent scientific study has come up with the fact that the black hole is capable of eating the sun within a span of two days. A fastest growing black hole has been spotted in the universe. The name of the most fast-growing black hole is a hungry beast. It resembles the monster that can digest the sun in two days. Currently, the hungry beast is located outside our galaxy. If the hungry best was present in our galaxy, it might have ended the entire life existing on the Earth. It is so because the hungry beast possesses X-ray beam which emanates from its core. The phenomenon of the hungry beast emitting the X-ray beam from the centre is given by the Australian National University (ANU).

The black holes are present in all the shapes and sizes. For a better clarification on the hungry beast, the astronomers say, “if it were placed at the centre of our Milky Way it would appear as an incredibly bright pin-point star that would almost wash out all of the stars in the sky.”

The estimation is that the black hole might be about twelve billion years old. The mass of the black hole is more significant than about twenty billion suns. It is predicted to be increasing at the rate of about one percent every one million years.

In lieu of its old age, the huge black hole is swallowing up the objects in its surrounding.

What do you mean by the black hole?

The black hole is a region in the space where nothing can escape. The reason behind it is the strong gravitational force. The gravitational force is so strong enough that rarely any object that enters the black hole can come out. The black holes are named so because even the light entering them finds it difficult to escape. It is due to this reason that the light is a black hole is entirely dark. Majority of the black holes are formed once the supergiant star dies.