Bringing back business authenticity with Marko Vrzic
Interview with Marko Vrzic

These days, business success is all about experience and knowledge of the industry. Marko Vrzic, the founder of The Vrzic Signature, knows all about experience, leadership and the finer points of entrepreneurship.  Their unique, reliable and ground-breaking approach has been drawing in the mass, from multi-millionaires to their next-door neighbors, The Vrzic Signature is truly an investors’ best friend.

Marko answered several questions of ours about his business and the nature of his line of work.

Marko, how was Vrzic formed?

There was a high demand from our business associates, friends and family to invest with us. We quickly had to form our business to both accredited, and non-accredited investors and the only way for it to be authentic and transparent would be to use my name as the brand.

In your opinion, how important is experience when it comes to long-term business success?

I believe that a person who has never made a mistake, never tried anything new, so I look and hire those who have done tremendous amounts of errors that have forged them to be the best in their craft.

Your commitment to the customer is a core source of brand strength. How do you foster this commitment to the customer?

We have a recession-proof strategy that keeps gaining momentum. Our ROI is the undeniable fact that fosters commitment.

What strategies do you use to create a strong corporate culture?

Based on the Meritocracy society, the company is based on the notion that everyone has a fair share in voicing their opinion, unlike the traditional corporate culture, everyone has a say in the decision-making process daily. Like open mic night, anyone in the company can have the courage to sing his or her tunes.

What would be your advice to other people looking to get involved in development?

Read ten books about it, work for free with ten mentors and open ten similar businesses in hopes that one is successful. Just do it, the lack of actionable results and the endless excuses that I see daily from people is astounding.

How do you improve your connection with clients?

Feedback is the only way to improve. I over-deliver on everything that’s required of me. Yes, I’ll be eagerly reading the comments from this blog post.